We have proudly built WNY’s premier physical therapy clinic.
What sets us apart is our core philosophy and our amazing team.

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Sammy Iraci III, PT photo

Sammy Iraci III, PT



Sammy is the owner and director of Physical Therapy Services for Family Care. He is a graduate of the University of Buffalo with a B.S. in both physical therapy and exercise science. Sammy was the director and senior physical therapist for six years at Niagara Physical Therapy in Lewiston before taking over FCPT in 2008. He is also a personal trainer with a strong background in sports rehabilitation after having served as a student athletic trainer for four years at UB.

Ryan Gutt, DPT  photo

Ryan Gutt, DPT

Ryan is a graduate of the University of Buffalo with a doctorate in physical therapy.  Ryan specializes in a unique hands-on approach that includes creative exercise design and manual techniques for a wide variety of conditions, with a focus on spinal dysfunctions and sports injuries.  Ryan has been with Family Care PT since 2017.  Ryan purchased Northtown Buffalo Physical Therapy in 2021 and became a business partner with Sammy in July 2022, which resulted in North town Physical Therapy merging with Family Care Physical Therapy

Jamie Antonucci  office manager photo

Jamie Antonucci


Jamie is the office manager for Family Care Physical Therapy and has been with the company since 2014.  Jamie specializes in account reconciliation, marketing, patient/physician relationship management, scheduling, and therapy assistant.


Our patients always receive the care they deserve.

Our family-friendly atmosphere creates a sense of comfort, so you’ll feel like part of the team instead of just a name and number.

Our PT’s have an unrivaled passion and commitment to helping others.
Our PT’s work together with the patient to meet their needs and achieve their goals.
Our PT’s put emphasis on educating the patient about their treatment and condition.

We focus on resolving the “cause” of your condition rather than just treating the symptoms.

We integrate state-of-the-art technologies like cold laser therapy and spinal decompression into our treatment and rehabilitation processes.

We are constantly learning and adapting to the latest techniques, methods, and procedures in the health and wellness field.

All of the various treatment methods employed at FCPT are covered under our accepted insurance list. 

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We pride ourselves on having flexible hours to allow you to avoid missing time from work.

We have same-day appointments available.

About Family Care Physical Therapy


Family Care Physical Therapy was originally founded in 1995 by Diane Brennan and Karen Panzarella.                                                                                         Sammy Iraci III assumed ownership of the business in 2008 and by 2010 expanded the practice to two locations across (Williamsville and Buffalo).         
  In 2022, Family Care Physical Therapy merged with Northtown Physical Therapy and now co-owner Ryan Gutt bringing the practice to 2 locations            spread out through Western NY. Family Care PT has been recognized by several insurance companies as a preferred clinic for their members                   rehabilitation needs.  Family Care PT bases their ideology of physics therapy around human connections/personal touch. The clinics are kept small to     help maintain a family type atmosphere and ensure every patient has personalized rehabilitation compared to larger practices where this art is lost.     Family Care PT is dedicated to designing rehab protocols based on the individual and their specific goals which utilizes constant therapist-patient communication to achieve attainable results.

Family Care PT is a physical therapy clinic with locations in Buffalo and Williamsville, NY.

We offer a wide array of services designed to treat everyday discomfort at work and sports injuries.
At Family Care PT, we believe in helping each patient achieve complete wellness.
We will not only work with you in the office, but we will also teach you ways to continue your rehab when you’re home or back at work.

 Our Promise To You

Family Care Physical Therapy operates on one simple principle. 

To provide personalized, one-on-one care to each and every one of our patients.
We believe in a genuine environment reflecting care, understanding, and response to the needs of each patient.This will lead to the return of optimal health, and we strive to create this type of environment every day.                                                                                   
Our goal is to help our patients improve their health and regain their highest level of function. In work, sport, and daily life, through accurate diagnoses, therapeutic exercises, physical therapy, management of dysfunction, and prevention education, 

 FCPT Staff